Steward Seminar

Steward seminar emphasizes building power among our current members

Photo of stewards at the seminar

On May 20, about 120 stewards came to the Oakland Hilton to learn about organizing and action, and how to build power among our current members.

Photo of steward workgroup Photo of steward workgroup

The national threat to unions from Right-to-Work initiatives to a changing National Labor Relations Board that won’t prioritize union or worker interests necessitates greater involvement from each and every member. And that means educating members about what the union does, how it works, and what having a union has gained for them. The local recognizes that for most members who weren’t there for the organizing drive, their main experience of the union is paying dues.

Local 853 is initiating new member orientation. Current members are encouraged to talk with their shop stewards to learn how the union improved their working conditions.

Photo of Dennis Hart  Photo of Sally Payne  Photo of Rome Aloise

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