Thank you for your service, Bob and Bo!

Bob Strelo, who served as President and business agent at Local 853 for 25 years, retired in March. Bob joined the Teamsters in 1975, when he worked as a warehouseman for Shaklee Foods. He became an organizer and business agent for Locals 78 and 856, and came to Local 853 as a business agent in 1992. Bob served as Chairman of Teamsters Benefit Trust Fund, and also of the Teamsters Assistance Program. “Bob was a dedicated advocate of the members’ rights and an excellent negotiator, bringing our members in the Dairy industry one of the finest contracts in the nation,” says Secretary-Treasurer Rome Aloise. “Bob brought respect, integrity, and recognition to our local in his many years working for the members.”

Bo Morgan, our Vice President, retired at the end of April. Bo came to our local after the merger of Local 291 into Local 853. He left a ready mix truck to work for the local as an organizer in 1998 and distinguished himself early on by organizing Right Away Redy Mix, which had been competing directly with our other organized companies. “As a business agent, Bo successfully negotiated some of the best contracts in the industries he worked with,” says Aloise. “We’re pleased that Bo will continue to mentor our business agents and help when needed.”

Local 853 Staff Serve as International Reps

The International Teamsters have recognized the talent of Local 853’s staff by calling on them to also serve as International Reps. We should all be proud that our staff has developed expertise that can help Locals across the nation. Here’s who’s doing double duty:

• Stacy Alvelais - Transportation Div.
• Rome Aloise - International Vice- President, Western Region
• Dennis Hart - Brewery and Soft Drink Conference
• Stu Helfer - Building and Construction Trades Division
• Lou Valletta - Bakery and Laundry Division

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