Celebrating 80 Years
of Fighting for Member

Photo of members in gymnasium

Local 853 hosts another record crowd for annual membership appreciation event

Building a strong union takes many ingredients, but the most important come down to just a few: excellent and commited leadership, educated and commited stewards, and a strong and commited membership. It’s no coincidence that commitment is the thread that must run through every aspect of the union.

On November 4, Local 853’s leadership, staff, and members showed their commitment to each other at the 18th Annual Membership Appreciation event. While staff turned out at 5:30 a.m. to unload the truck, prepare a massive breakfast for 900, set up chairs, arrange the registration process and raffle prizes, and handle so many other details, another standing-room-only crowd of members came early to start filling the gymnasium at John Muir Middle School in San Leandro.

Photo of Dennis Hart

Opening the program was Local 853 President Dennis Hart, who was appointed to fill the unexpired term of President Bob Strelo. Dennis is a 40-year Teamster himself, and has worked as a Business Agent and International Representative for the Beverage Industry for more than 25 years.

Together, members, staff and leadership had an opportunity to reflect on how Local 853 has, over its 80-year history, grown to be one of the nation’s largest and strongest Teamster locals.

Photo of Rome Aloise addressing members“Our diversity is our strength,” said Secretary-Treasurer Rome Aloise in his State of the Union address, referring to the diversity of companies represented and the membership itself. “It is the way our nation should be and how we should want it to be.”

Aloise talked about changes in the Local since he became Principal Officer in 1992, growing from 3,900 members to 11,500, and having the Local’s assets increase from $254,000 to $9.65 million. In its history, Local 853 has only had four principal officers. “That stability, commitment, and dedication has been another of our strengths,” Aloise added.

“The union is the only institution left to speak for working people, both members and non-union workers,” Aloise said. “Please believe in the union, and believe in those who sacrifice every day to represent your interests.”

Photo of top prize winners

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