Why are you thankful to be a Teamster?


Ramona Brown

MV Transportation
8-year Teamster

“For saving my job, making my
job better for me, and holding
my employer accountable.”

Steven Silva

Southern Wine & Spirits
30-year Teamster

“They back up their brothers.
They support us. It’s a family.
The union helps with my issues,
complaints, anything.”

Jaime Lorenzana

Ferma Corp.
20-year Teamster

“You don’t know what you’ve got
until you need it and then the
union is there for you. I’m thankful for the union health benefits.”

Noel Ortega

More than 40-year Teamster

“The union is important to me.
It gives me support. I get help
when I need it. It’s always there.”

Guillermo Sanchez

JC Paper
15-year Teamster

“It’s a good help for us, to get
better benefits.”

Charlie Corwell

Granite Rock
42-year Teamster

“Without the union, we wouldn’t
have anything. We’d be working
for peanuts. We have camaraderie. Employers don’t give you anything that they don’t have to.”

Tommy Leyva

Compass Transportation
Less than a year Teamster

“Because they got us a raise, better benefits...everything we have now is because of the Teamsters. For all of us bus drivers, it changed what was just a job to a career.”

Jose Cueva (and Daniel)

13-year Teamster

“We’ve got job security and it
keeps doing good stuff for us.
After 13 years, they’ve been doing good for me. I’m thankful!”

Brenda Agers-Lewis (& Perri)

15-year Teamster

“I’m thankful they support us.
The union has gotten people’s job back after a management mistake. It’s great to see that unions are still strong.”

Tammy Malate

28-year Teamster

“For our wages, their support for
our actions at work. It makes for a friendly atmosphere”

Reginald Jackson

9-year Teamster

“I would have nothing else. Negotiating for wages and benefits is good. You’re protected. I’ve been in four unions–this is the best.”

Michele Donahue

15-year Teamster

“They keep me secure in my job. They help me make more money.”