Should the Teamsters continue sponsoring events like the Tailgate at the A’s/Giants game?


Photo of Maria Lopez and Debbie Wesley

Maria Lopez &
Debbie Wesley

Durham Bus

“Definitely! It’s very much fun.
Shows how much the union
appreciates and values us—certainly
much more than our
employer does.”

Photo of Scott Somer

Scott Sommer


“This is my first event like this.
It raises morale and feels like
our hard work is being rewarded.
I wouldn’t have come to
this on my own, so it’s a great
opportunity for me.”

Photo of Jim Grady and wife Denise

Jim Grady (& wife Denise)

GP Gypsum

“Definitely. This really creates
unity. The Giants have a few
more fans, but it’s good for the
A’s to fill their stadium. Maybe
the Teamsters could do a
Raiders game in the future.”

Photo of Bobby Quinn

Bobby Quinn

Central Concrete

“Of course. It expands the
camaraderie and is great for
morale. The main benefit to
me is that It brings together
the different locals and
enhances solidarity.”

Photo of Darrell Windham and Jeanette Molex

Darrell Windham &
Jeanette Molex

MV Transportation

“Events like this offer a real
family feeling—a good family
connection with our union
brothers & sisters.”