What's the most important role of a shop steward?


Photo of Julie Griffith

Julie Grifith

26-year Teamster

Being active. Getting to know the members and their concerns and educating them about the contract and their rights. Let them know they can come to a steward if they’re unsure of things. I always try to educate them.

Photo of Angelo Quinney

Angelo Quinney

Right Away Ready Mix
14-year Teamster

“Helping the employees with any problem. We really rarely have had any problems. Recently we had issues of seniority. I talked to the general manager and he talked to other management, and it got taken care of.”

Phto of Scott Gonsalves

Scott Gonsalves

Central Concrete Supply
16-year Teamster

“I’m the Chief Shop Steward, overseeing five plants. I try to make sure everybody is treated fairly. I monitor all situations and listen to the voice of the members.
There’s an issue almost everyday—something
always comes up.”

Photo of Joe McDonough

Joe McDonough

SF Unified School District
19-year Teamster

“Addressing people’s grievances and issues. Serving as a go-between between management and workers. At contract time, finding out what the drivers want and conveying that to the business agent. Interpreting the contract.”

Photo of Butch Kirk

Butch Kirk

32-year Teamster

“Guidance and leadership of the workplace you’re in. Maintaining unity among the members.”

Photo of Matt Strachan

Matt Strachan

DBI Beverage
6-year Teamster

“Having information that you can pass along to co-workers. People want to know what’s going on with the company and the union. They need to know what the union can do for them if they get disciplined”

Photo of Belinda Davis

Belinda Davis

MV Transportation
6-year Teamster

“You should really know the labor laws impacting our working conditions. I try to teach that to employees who may not know their rights.”

Photo of Mohammad Yusuf

Mohammad Yusuf

Cargill Salt
7-year Teamster

“To unite the members of the Teamsters so we have better information and work as a team with one voice. Even though you’re shop steward, you can’t fulfill all the members’ needs. Can’t win them all!”

Photo of Stan Miller

Stan Miller

Tetra Tech
36-year Teamster

“Bringing up young people into the union. Protect their rights; make sure none of their rights are being violated.”