What does “Teamster Power” mean to you, and why is it important that Hoffa is out here?


Photo of Mary Dyse

Mary Dyse

Safeway Milk Plant

“Teamster power means a lot to
me. Unions protect and help us
in a lot of ways. Hoffa is a great
person, holding us together.”

Photo of Linda Clevenger and her dog

Linda Clevenger & Bear

First Student/San Jose

“Teamster power is the insurmountable unification of the workforce. I’m very pro-Teamster. I’ve been in a Teamster family for almost 75 years.”

Photo of Reginald Knightsen

Reginald Knighten


“Teamster power is unity, loyalty and respect. It’s the ability to fight for others as well as yourself. Hoffa is the man we need leading the organization. Being here shows what the membership means to him and the importance of this election”

Photo of Jeremiah Martinez

Jeremiah Martinez

Young’s Market

“Teamster power means people coming together to fight for equal rights, and that we stand up for what the Teamsters stand for. It takes a good leader to pass down good leadership skills. Great leadership starts with Jim Hoffa.”

Photo of Luis Orozco

Luis Orozco


“Teamster power means a lot. Teamsters protect all the workers to work against the companies. All my family is involved with the Teamsters. Hoffa helps motivate us more -- all the shop stewards.”

Photo of John San Augustin

John San Augustin


“Teamster power is all about job
security. It’s good that President
Hoffa shows that he cares. He’s
here meeting with the people.”

Photo of Deborah Deslauriers

Deborah Deslauriers


“Teamster power is about solidarity, union, support -- just a better work environment. It’s great that Hoffa is here supporting the cause. For him to travel out here, that’s impressive. I’m glad to be part of it. Vote No on 32!.”

Photo of Javier Pinedo

Javier Pinedo


“Teamster power is about unity and togetherness. Hoffa is showing his support, showing he cares for our livelihood. We’ve got to make sure this proposition doesn’t pass.”

Photo of Marcus Pape

Marcus Pape

Cargill Salt

“They’re doing the right thing protesting. They’re being heard, that’s for sure. The 1% should be taxed; that’s just fairness. It should be equal, no matter what tax bracket you’re in.”

Photo of Mohammad Yusuf

Mohammad Yusuf

Cargill Salt

“Teamster power means we’re all on one team, with one voice. Having Hoffa here is a way to mobilize the union to have one voice in the election and oppose Prop 32.”