Graphic of Stop Sign with STOP the Corporate Tak

Saturday July 28

10 am - Noon
Barbecue Follows

Pleasanton Fairgrounds Building C

You are invited to attend this all-Teamster event to learn the truth about the so-called “Stop Special Interest Money Now Act.” Also, begin the mobilization to register members to vote.

The November ballot proposition (not yet numbered) is deceptive. Its backers will say it’s about campaign finance reform, but it’s really designed to trick voters into giving corporations more power. The measure creates huge loopholes and special exemptions for wealthy donors and corporations, allowing them to make unlimited campaign contributions, while silencing working families and their unions.

This November, we need to get out the vote like never before. The campaign starts on July 28. Join Teamsters from across Northern California to stop the corporate power grab and get out the vote! For more info, call 510-895-8853