IBT Vice President Al Mixon addresses Local 853 stewards at seminar

Local 853 Stewards Attend Day-Long Seminar

On October 1, 2011, nearly every Local 853 shop steward attended a day-long educational seminar conducted by Sally Payne, Associated Director of the International Brotherhood of Teamster’s Department of Training and Development.

The focus of the seminar was Building Membership Participation. Through the course of the day, stewards heard from Local 853 Secretary-Treasurer Rome Aloise, Local 853 Recording Secretary Antonio Christian and IBT Vice President Al Mixon. Stewards also watched a video interview of President Hoffa by MSNBC’s Ed Shultz and, eventually, broke into groups to examine various issues relating to the steward’s role in building solidarity and membership participation in our union.

This seminar, under Ms. Payne’s direction, was, by far, one of the most informative Local 853 educational programs we have ever experienced. Ms. Payne’s obvious dedication to the IBT and the labor movement was truly enhanced by her knowledge, experience and sense of humor.

Equal to Ms. Payne was the appearance of Al Mixon. Brother Mixon, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 507 in Cleveland, Ohio and International Vice-President At-Large, was given immediate and undivided attention as soon as he began talking about building solidarity and membership participation.

The quality of the seminar is a direct result of Local 853’s ability -- because of its reputation and its leadership -- to attract only those speakers with the knowledge and experience necessary to educate our stewards. Thanks to Secretary-Treasurer Aloise and Recording-Secretary Christian for their hard work getting providing this opportunity to our stewards.

Sally Payne discusses building membership participation at the Local 853 stewards' seminar



Volume XI, Number 2
December 2011

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