What do you think of the 2010 elections and what should the union focus on now?

Frank Cervantes, Alhambra

Frank Cervantes (& Lily)


The election was expected. I’m sure people will come full circle and recognize that the Republicans aren’t in our corner, and will start taking away our rights. Two years is just down the road. We need to solidify the base and lay the groundwork.

Rose Noone, Macy's

Rose Noone


I’m glad that Whitman lost. It was important to get all the union members out to vote. Now we need to focus on keeping everybody’s job. I’m glad I still have my job! And help union members the best we can.

Rodney Torres, Costco

Rodney Torres (& Kawika)


It is what it is. The politicians took a position and need to do the right thing. The unions should just keep building and working to get stronger.

Catherine & Dominic Frisone, SF Chronicle retirees

Clifford Culwell

Berkeley Farms Dairy

There were big changes. But, I’m not optimistic. The union should tell the leaders what the people need. (Catherine)
A lot of union members are retired or will be soon. We need to protect social security and we need the COLA back! (Dominic)

Ben Walrod, Central Concrete

Ben Walrod

Central Concrete

We’re lucky we got Brown in office. He backs the union and that’s who we need. Now it’s time to focus on health care... and more union jobs and more organizing.

Dave Mirabella, G. Bortolotto

Dave Mirabella

G. Bortolotto

We just have to make sure we have jobs. I have one and that’s a good thing, but a lot of people don’t. And we need to do organizing so more people can get good jobs like we have.

Jim Gauthier, Sysco

Jim Gauthier


I’m optimistic. Jerry Brown’s been governor before and state did well when he was in charge. The union should continue to get good contracthets for members. Keeping good benefits., like health and welfare for the members.

Anthony O'Neal, Loomis

Anthony O'Neal


The union needs to focus on making sure people have their jobs. That’s the main thing.

Dan Cabral, Sysco

Dan Cabral


I’m glad we got Brown in. I didn’t like Whitman’s lies and millions of dollars. Now we need to keep people working and keep the employers from cutting hours and raising productivity. I’m thankful to have a job and have the security of the Teamsters.

Dan Wurtenberger, Morton's Salt

Dan Wurtenbeger

Morton's Salt

It’s time to quit wasting money. The politicians get a free ride. Why don’t we? The state’s got more money than they can do with. Unions need to prove what they say is true: keeping the electeds accountable.

Ray Torres, Young's Market

Ray Torres

Young's Market

We should all be very happy that Jerry Brown won the election and be proud of California’s unions. I give a big thumbs up to our members who voted. The union does a good job, but the rank and file needs to pull together to make the union stronger.

Santiago Villanueva, Pregis

Santiago Villanueva


I’m glad Jerry Brown is in the house and Boxer, too. The Teamsters had a lot to do with that and that made me feel good. The main new focus should be growth and organizing and jobs.

Thomas Navarro, Berkeley Farms

Thomas Navarro

Berkeley Farms

I’m glad that all the Democrats won. Now we need to work on getting people back to work—union members and others.