The Long Road to Justice

Jimmy Negrette and John Becker

Jimmy Negrette and Local 853 Vice-President John
Becker show off the long-awaited settlement check

Jimmy Negrette was discharged from JC Paper in May, 2007 for allegedly threatening violence in the workplace. The Local took up his case and, in April, 2008, the arbitrator ruled in Jimmy’s favor. However, JC Paper refused to honor the ruling and it took another three visits to the arbitrator and three trials in federal court to finally get the company to settle up.

In the end, Jimmy collected a check for $75,907 which represented 18 months of back pay, as well as pension and health and welfare payments.

“The union is here to fight for our members’ rights, even when the company is stubborn beyond belief,” says Vice President John C. Becker, Sr.