Local 78 President Kenn Hill

Not long after the Executive Boards agreed on the basics of Local 78's merger into Local 853, Kenn Hill announced his retirement. "I have worked a long time representing the members and I wanted to make sure that our Local made the right choice before I left," Hill said.

"I feel really comfortable with this merger and with the benefits it will bring to both memberships."

After 23 years as and officer and business agent, he leaves as President of Local 78. The son of a Teamster official, Kenn first joined the Teamsters when he got a job at Lucky Stores in San Leandro in the early 1970s. He learned many of his union skills by watching tough negotiations, participating in a couple of long strikes, and experiencing the solidarity of the Teamsters working in the chain store industry.

When Lucky's moved to Vacaville, Kenn went to work at Hartz Mountain and transferred from Local 853 to Local 655. (This local later merged into Local 78.) Kenn's affinity for speaking his mind and getting his point across clearly led Local 78 Secretary- Treasurer Steve Mack to hire him as a business representative.

Over the years, Kenn represented Local 78 members in almostall of the industries covered by the Local and negotiated some of the finest contracts that exist in their respective industries. He was elected to the Executive Board and soon became Vice President.

"Kenn became President of our Local during a difficult time," said Mack, "Working with the staff, he forged a team spirit and a sense of unity of purpose. His good nature, calm demeanor, and good judgement helped many members of our Local."

"Kenn and I are both Teamster brats whose fathers demanded that if we were going to work in the labor movement and represent members, that we had better put our all into it. Kenn is one of the best I have worked with," said Local 853 Secretary-Treasurer Rome Aloise Kenn will be working on his hobby of restoring muscle cars to show quality, where he has won a number of car shows for his work. His attention to detail in this field carried over into his union work. We wish Kenn a long, healthy and happy retirement.

Kenn Hill