Local 78 Trustee Jimmy Sherrill

James Sherrill, a Teamster for over 40 years, and a member of the Local 78 Executive Board for more than 30 years announced his retirement. Jimmy, as his friends and the membership know him, was one of the first Black members to hold a position on the Executive Board of a Teamster Local in Northern California. His dedication to his fellow members and his willingness to be there when the Union needed him was noticed early on by then Local 78 Secretary-Treasurer Jerry Corneola. Jerry asked Jimmy to serve the members by taking the position of Trustee on the Board, and characteristically Jimmy said yes.

Jimmy began his career in the freight industry and wound up his career when Albertson's closed their San Leandro operation. Jimmy was a charter member of the Northern California Black Caucus and also a member of the Teamsters National Black Caucus.

"Jimmy has been a great advocate for working men and women. He made sure that they got what they deserved from their employers and were always represented with respect. His big smile, his advocacy for both the union and his Christianity, made his advice and counsel very valuable to all of the staff," said Local 78 Secretary-Treasurer Steve Mack.

" I hope Jimmy will continue to come around and be a part of the newly-merged Local. We need his history and experience," added Local 853 Secretary Treasurer Rome Aloise.

Jimmy and his wife are helping to raise their grandchildren so saying that he is retiring is probably not going to be in the cards for the near future. The members of Local 78 owe him a great debt of gratitude.

Jimmy Sherrill