On July 4, Teamsters who work for Graniterock in Redwood City went to the Pops and Rocks concert at the company’s Aromas quarry to make the community aware of how the company reduced wages, benefits and work guarantees for the drivers.

First full ready-mix strike in 24 years: Why we're taking on Graniterock

“We're out there to protect the industry, and keep the playing field level for our current signatory contractors,” Business Agent Bo Morgan explains when asked why the union has initiated its first full-blown ready-mix strike in 24 years. “This company refused to negotiate in good faith for two years, reduced our members' wages, benefits and work guarantees, and ultimately withdrew recognition of the union. That means they can undercut the competition. That's not fair for any of our members who work in the ready-mix industry.”

On July 2, the union initiated its picketing program, clearly letting millionaire owner Bruce Woolpert know that the time had come for him to sign a union contract that included fair wages and treatment.

Local 853 is calling on its 400 ready-mix drivers (and all Local members) to join in the picketing-either at the Redwood City facility or at sites where Graniterock delivers product. “We have at least 20 picketers a day out on the line,” says Morgan. “We're having an impact on their customer support, but, as I regularly remind our members, this is a marathon not a sprint.”

The strike is sanctioned and supported by Teamsters Joint Council 7, as well as the Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Councils and Central Labor Councils.

Morgan wanted to give special recognition to Shop Stewards Doug Radonich and Terry Post and retired Vice President Phil Tarantino. “They're volunteering tremendous hours to ensure that the picket line is always staffed.”

The picketers striking Graniterock need your help and support. Contact Phil Tarantino or Bo Morgan at the Local 853 office: 510-895-8853.


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Rolando Moreno (Cemex); Doug Radonich (Cemex)

Rolando Moreno (Cemex); Doug Radonich (Cemex)