Photo of Chuck Mack addressing meeting

Western Region Vice President and JC7 President Chuck Mack addresses the May 31 meeting of the Political Worksite Coordinators

Political Worksite Coordinators Meet to Prepare for Election

A meeting of the Political Worksite Coordinators was held on Saturday, May 31, to advise the coordinators the about the importance of the up-coming election, and their important role in encouraging member turnout. 

The meeting was chaired by Recording Secretary Antonio Christian. Antonio spoke on the importance of voter registration in the work place. Business Representative Adolph Felix explained how the DRIVE program serves as a means to help fund candidates who support labor's issues.

Secretary Treasurer Rome Aloise spoke on how important the upcoming election will be for the American worker. It is critical that we elect pro-labor candidates in order to protect our pensions and health care plans, as well as wages, hours, and working conditions.


Elect Pro-Labor Candidates, Aloise urges Coordinators

Secretary Treasurer Rome Aloise speaks about the upcoming election.