We represent you: Local officers re-elected by acclamation

December 2007 -- Connections

(L to R): Trustee Jeff Belunza, Recording Secretary Antonio Christian, President John Becker, Secretary-Treasurer Rome Aloise, Trustee Julie Molina, Vice President Phil Tarantino, Trustee Mike Furtado.

On November 5, nominations were taken for officers and trustees of Local 853. With no opposing nominations submitted, the current officers were re-elected on a "white ballot."

"The best honor you can be given as a worker is to have your fellow workers want you to lead them," said Secretary-Treasurer Rome Aloise upon being reelected. "I look forward to continuing to serve Local 853's members with all the skill, knowledge and commitment I can muster."

Echoing that notion, re-elected President John Becker said that "it's an honor and a privilege to represent you. This is not a job -- it's a cause."

The three-year term of office runs from January 2008 through December 2010.