About Teamsters Local 853

We are a Union for Workers in the 21st Century

Join us to improve the quality of life and political power of working people like yourself.

We work for a living, but we do much more than put in our time each week. We perform our jobs with skill, conscientiousness, and professionalism. We add value to the many industries in which we work, and, by performing our responsibilities with efficiency and effectiveness, we help to build the wealth of this nation.

We join together as a union to ensure not only that we receive fair compensation for our contributions to the enterprise, but that we also have a strong voice in the workplace, particularly with respect to safety and matters of professional expertise.

About the Local

We Are You
Working Men and Women in Your Community

Teamsters Local 853 represents over 11,000 members in Northern California.

Members work in diverse industries, including newspapers, construction, and warehousing. They perform a wide variety of highly-skilled jobs, including:

  • ready-mix drivers
  • pasteruizing milk, production of ice cream & butter, and delivery of all these dairy products,
  • building buses,
  • warehousing and delivering office supplies,
  • selling, shipping, and delivering wine & liquor
  • repairing and delivering furniture
  • printing, assembling, and delivering newspapers all over the state
  • document management services: warehousing and destruction
  • roadside billboard hangers
  • paper & packaging products
  • city & county workers: maintenance, transportation, school district warehouse

Local 853 members represent a wide range of communities in terms of geography, philosophy, and national & cultural heritage, but we are united in our respect for one another and our commitment to working together to build better lives for ourselves and our children.

"Work together, win together!"