What's the best thing about being a union member?

Photo of Ricardo MirandaRicardo Miranda

Certain Teed, 14-year Teamster

When the company has an incident with a worker, the union comes in to help.



Photo of Pamela Kirk-VeaseyPamela Kirk-Veasey

AEG-Oakland Coliseum, 15-year Teamster

The union helps us with our benefits, cohesion, and keep the job from running over us. No more non-union folks are taking our work.


Photo of Phuong Tran and SerennaPhuong Tran & Serenna

Gillig, 30-year Teamster

Job security. They protect you and your benefits—nobody will do that except for the union.

Photo of James ReedJames Reed

Berkeley Farms, Retired, 38-year Teamster

The retirement is great!



Photo of Anthony PerryAnthony Perry

BASF, 3-year Teamster

Knowing that if I was in need of representation at work, someone would be there for me.


Photo of John PonceyJohn Poncey

Gillig, 5-year Teamster

Knowing I am secure being part of the Teamsters and that my rights are well-protected.


Photo of Michelle BlantonMichelle Blanton

Bon Apetit-AT&T Ballpark

The benefits are wonderful. The way our local works for us is amazing. Thanks to Local 853, we have things we never had before.

Photo of James BulcaoJames Bulcao

Fair & Swanson, 15-year Teamster

Brotherhood. It means support, stability, and job security.


Photo of Ramon FonsecaRamon Fonseca

Costco, 17-year Teamster

I feel proud to belong to the union. I like the benefits and they support us with any problems that we have.


Photo of Esmeralda MartinezEsmeralda Martinez

Costco, 2-year Teamster

More benefits. I’m happy to be a union member. 



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